ESTA–VISA.IE (Electronic System for Travel Authorization)

ESTA – Visa Waiver Application

  • 3 simple application steps
  • Processing of your ESTA in 24hours
  • UK email support and customer center line


Checklist for Travelers

  • Do you have a valid passport to travel?
  • Have you purchased a return ticket?
  • Are you staying in US for 90 days or less?

Is your answer yes to all the questions above? Then proceed with your ESTA application.

Travelling to the United States? Remember to take an ESTA

The US Visa-Waiver Program

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is a scheme used by the United States government for citizens who are from the participating countries (Ireland is one of such countries), who wish to enter and stay in the United States for 90 days or less. This is done by paying a compulsory charge, set by the Authorities of the United States in order to gain approval to travel to the United States.

The application for this scheme is to be completed online, by all qualified travelers who intend to travel to the United States.

How do you apply under the VISA Waiver Program?

The application to obtain your travel approval can be completed online in a few minutes, via a simple and secured form. The process is very easy, as there is no need for you to send your passport or travel documents to us, and is also free of any complex forms.

An email will be sent to you containing your order reference number once the payment for your has been confirmed. This payment is completed via our protected and encrypted payment area. Once the email has been sent to you, we will begin the application process. This number can also be used to track your application and get the necessary updates while the process is ongoing.

Please take note that a separate application will be made for every member of your family or group and they will also pay the visa waiver application fee.

Your application will be handled by our team of devoted visa and travel specialists to ensure you get your approval as soon as possible.

An email will be sent to you containing your unique Visa waiver application number once your application has been processed and permitted. An SMS containing these details will also be sent to you for your convenience.

Our Visa waiver program team and United States specialists are vastly experienced with the United States immigration rules, requirements and specific regulations for all Irish citizens, making sure your application is approved if you are eligible. We are available to provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance you will need with any phase of your application.

Should there be any way you need assistance completing your application for the visa waiver application process, do not hesitate to visit our frequently asked question page or send us an email using our support page.

Who are the visa waiver program participating countries?

Zealand, United Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, South Slovenia, Slovakia, Singapore, San Republic, Republic Portugal, of Norway, New Netherlands, Monaco, Marino, Malta, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Korea, Kingdom Japan, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Hungary, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Brunei, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Andorra.

Key points to note

Application to obtain your approval should be made at least 72 hours before departure. If you are making arrangements to visit the United States within the next 3-6 months, it is advised that you begin the application at your earliest convenience.

However, if you are planning to travel within 72 hours, we can help you obtain your travel approval in 24 hours, so begin you application now.

Guidelines before applying for ESTA

Before you begin the application process for ESTA, please read this carefully and make sure you meet the important criteria.

Only citizens of ESTA waiver visa program are allowed to apply. Confirm from the list of countries listed above. If you are currently a holder of an American ESTA, please do not proceed any further, as this will cancel your application.

The reason for your visit to the United States must be tourism or business and the trip must not last beyond 90 days. Application can be made for both you and your spouse, or even a large group. We are able to help you all the way through the process of your application.

Making plans for your ESTA

The timeline for the approval of your application process should be noted before making arrangements for your trip. We recommend a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) before your intended trip to the United States. This is to leave a buffer for any delays that might arise. This is particularly vital owing to the United States consulates’ policy, which does not permit express service.

Usually your approval will permit you to travel to the United States within a two-year period. Upon arrival at the United States, the process will be fully completed by the authorities of the Custom and Border Protection agency. This means obtaining an ESTA does not give an automatic entry into the United States. Citizens of Visa Waiver countries who qualify for the ESTA requirements have to pass through the final step actually in the United States.

Also note that if you stay past the 90-day duration given to ESTA citizens in the United States, you must make an application for a business or residence visa to allow you stay any longer in the United States.

These rules are also applicable to children who are coming to the United States. They should posses a digital passport and meet every criterion.

Individuals who do not qualify for ESTA VWP

If you are not a national of the 38 countries listed above, you will be required to submit an application for either a B-1 US Business Visa or a B-2 US Tourist Visa. It is only citizens of those 38 counties that can apply for ESTA.

Information needed to process the Visa Waiver Program form

Every applicant must fill out the biographical information, which consists of your full name, birth date and other significant information on your passport. You will also be required to answer certain questions pertaining to your health, any criminal records, if you have had a visa revoked before, and any other questions. The accuracy of the information should be cross-checked by the traveler if the application was completed on their behalf.

Applying on behalf of another traveler

The application can be completed by a travel agency, a relative or a friend on behalf of an individual or a group of people via our online service. Payments of any fees related to the application can also be made by them. However, the accuracy of the information to be submitted on the traveler’s behalf should be verified.